Friday, February 12, 2010


I was just sittin back in my room last nite and i let my mind run...and i is alot like the act of driving. The road is the road or path of your life and you can literally choose whatever route you'd like. Along that road, you see all sorts of other drivers...they represent all other people you encounter in life. Let's see, you got your fast and reckless driver, who's often caught and cited for their recklessness. Your regular speed driver, who may at times, choose to speed, and they too can be stopped and told to slow things down. You can't forget about your slow but safe driver...the ones that no matter how many people are honking at them, they always seem to have that confident and content look on their faces, as if they're in absolutely no rush but know they'll get to their destination just as the next person will..

Along this drive called life however, you can't go on forever without paying your dues to advance you a bit further on the road...its a sacrifice. Just as the literal driver must stop at fuel stations and pay what they value so much (money) to get them to their next point. Accidents are representative of...well, accidents. Mistakes in your life. Things you never intended to happen, whether you were the cause or not. But with accidents, you also have insurance. Your insurance is your loved ones...the folks that'll cover and support you no matter how small or big the accident is. And if you're lucky, you have AAA. Those are the people that you can call on to come and help you no matter the time, place, or situation. Those are the special people that you wanna hold onto. Every now and again, you'll encounter the ULTIMATE reckless driver with a bad case of road rage. You wanna make sure you stay out of this person's way. They're the ones who think that everyone else on the road is at fault and will honk and scream, when in actuality, they have absolutely no control of their vehicle and THEY'RE the ones driving like shit. They often get mad at the road itself because there's traffic or simply because they've come across one too many stoplights. These are the people with no patience and have no clue what life is all about.

If you're willing to make things easier on your life, you can choose a person to carpool with. This takes away the strain of you always having to be behind the wheel BUT, when that person is driving, you have no choice but to deal with THEIR way of navigation, in vice versa. It takes compromise. This is representative of the act of marriage or a better make sure you choose a safe and responsible driver to carpool with. Your life may depend on it..

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