Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fuck Outta Here

I decided to get rid of my Twitter account yesterday. I started to see too much bullshit. People frontin, bashing other people, subliminal tweets....all kinda shit. And when you break it down, who really gives a fuck about what other people are doing/thinking? It's understandable to follow your friends, but in most people's cases, they don't know most of the people they follow, nor will they ever meet them. So what's the point? I mean, people let their number of followers really get to their heads! To the point where they began to believe they were celebrities! Sayin stuff like 'I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS!' Cmon, no you don't. You just wanna sound important. That kinda stuff makes me sick. Everybody who matters in my life are in my phone contacts and just a text away. I'm more of a private person anyway....idk...i guess i'm just tired of seeing people broadcast their lives via internet.

1 comment:

  1. oh no you didn't. lmao. now we can't talk about kobe and the lakers. lmao