Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Reason I'm Black and not African American

Alotta non-coloured folks will cringe when they refer to one of us as 'Black'. No worries. Black is what i am, despite the confusion out there. You see, people who are Mexican-American have parents that are from Mexico and continue to live by the Mexican culture, such as food, holidays, etc. Same goes withmost other ethnicities. All of those different ethnicities still follow their cultural origin. To call me African American would be an erroneous statement. We don't carry on the cultural traditions of Africa. We don't eat the food, speak the language, none of it. Our Black culture is a fairly new one. Our traditions are soul food, ebonic language, our music, etc. All things which were acquired when we were slaves in the south. Unfortunately we picked up alotta the negatives as well, but we won't go there today. It is the reason we say 'Nigga' rather than 'Nigger'. The word 'nigga' is nothing but the word 'nigger' pronounced with a southern accent. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN MEANING. So there you have it, i am a Black man, not an African American man. As a matter of fact, alot of African people who live in America don't even LIKE Black people. The White ethnicity started here in America with people coming over here from Europe to settle, but you don't call them European Americans, you simply call them White. We were brought here from Africa, we settled, and began our own culture, known as Black. Address us as such.

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  1. I remember a couple of weeks ago this boy asked me, "What would you like to be referred to?" I said, "Black becuase for one, I don't have a reason to call Africa home and two, I don't have anything linking me to the continent."

    I feel like Black people are the only race that is really displaced and misunderstood because most Hispanics and Latinos can be linked to a their countires, Whites to Europe, Asians to Asia, but Blacks nowhere. We're just generalized to have come from Africa or the South when really everyone came from Africa.