Friday, February 26, 2010

Music and the Mind

I'm always talking about the subconscious mind on here because i really want you to understand what it's all about and how you can use it to your advantage. Music holds so much power! It's almost like a matter of fact, it is magic. Music has the power to tap into that subconscious chamber in your mind and into your's how it works..

You ever hear a song and then that song gets stuck in your head? Whether the song is good or bad, it'll literally get STUCK in your head and then you catch yourself singing it whether you want to or not. This is the power of music in effect. You never say to yourself 'Damn, that movie sure is stuck in my head..' or 'Man that chapter in that book! I can't get it out of my head!' It doesn't happen with those things. This phenomenon occurs with music because of its repetition of a rhythmic tone which causes your brain to release certain chemicals, and ultimately, causes you to behave a certain way....whether you know this or not. As i've said before, whatever is locked into your subconscious mind begins to materialize in your life, one way or another. Have you ever been singing along to a song and at the end of the verse you say 'Damn, i had no idea i even knew all the words to that song!' SEE! I'M TELLING YOU! Music is so powerful..

As far as music having an effect on how we behave, just look back at the old music. The main theme of music in the past decades have revolved around LOVE. Happiness. For the most part at least. Nowadays the music that's given to us is so watered down it's sad. It's all about hustling, disrespecting the next man/woman, saying how much MORE you have than the next person, etc. As a result, this has cheapened our values in life. People aren't even as genuine as they once were. I had a long conversation with my mom about this the other day. She was telling me how there weren't as many disrespectful and clueless teens as there are today. Watered down music has watered down our people. We hear the music, learn it, believe it, and begin to live it. If the content of the music never were to change and love was still music's main theme, how different do you think society would be?

I'm TELLING you...there is a science to everything. The brain isn't just some organ inside of our skulls. Learn its functions and how it reacts to certain stimuli. If you've read this, PLEASE don't let think i'm talking a buncha scientific bullshit. Really think about it....WHY DO YOU THINK DOCTORS SAY THAT ITS HEALTHY FOR A MOTHER TO SING/PLAY PEACEFUL LOVING MUSIC TO HER BABY BEFORE THE BABY IS EVEN BORN?! BECAUSE OF ITS EFFECT ON THE BABY'S BRAIN! WHICH EFFECTS THE BABY'S OVERALL HEALTH!

If music can have that effect on a being that can't even perceive it clearly because of being housed in another body, can you imagine how it effects us the way WE hear it?

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