Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rollin Around, In My Mind It Occurred...What If God...Was A Her?

Whenever we think of speak of God, we think of a man in the sky with a big grey beard. But is that fair? Is it fair to personify God? I personally believe that God does not have a physical is neither man NOR woman. BUT, if it were to have a gender, wouldn't all the evidence lead to God being a woman?

I mean, just think about it....women are the only bearers of life on this earth. They're the only ones that can give birth. They are nurturers, as is our God. God is one of natural are women. Hmmm....kinda just makes me think. Since God is the supreme being, the end all-be all, the highest power, AND HE IS A MAN, doesn't that play a significant part as to why we live in a patriarchal society? If God were known as a woman since the beginning of recorded history, i think the tables would be turned quite a bit...who knows....just my opinion.


  1. I really like that song...and enjoyed this particular post. Keep up the good work! You would be surprised by the people you can influence on a daily basis without even knowing!

  2. i just read a poem for ap lit about God being a her, but i really didn't think about it like that. now i do, God is a female. Gotta be, just showing you who the real bad bitch is. lmao