Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's What We All Long For..

Love...its what we all long for in some way or another. To find that special someone to live out the rest of your years with. Contrary to popular belief, it's somethin that even us guys often search for, women just tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves. For those that are single and on that steady quest for completion, worry not. Imma tell you the reason why you shouldn't be too frustrated if you can't exactly find your Romeo or Juliet right now. Let's take a look at this shall we?

I was talkin to a friend earlier today, and she was tellin me about the frustrations of not being able to find love in a "timely fashion". I used a pretty good analogy as i explained why she shouldnt fret about stuff and why she should enjoy the very days that she's living right now. I told her that finding love is kinda like Christmas...most of the excitement does not come from the actual gift, the thrill comes from the WANT. It's the shaking of the gifts, the Christmas carols, the decorating of the tree, and ahhh yes...writing that good 'ol Christmas list, that makes up the Christmas spirit, which is the fun part. In translation, its the love songs, the crush, the thought of your "perfect other", and yes, even those occasional feelings of loneliness that make the quest for love exciting! Have you ever noticed how boring Christmas day is? The rush is gone because you now have nothing to hope for because you already have what you wanted...

Her response to my Christmas analogy was "Christmas has a date". I quickly replied "And so does your just don't know when it is..and thats the exciting part about it all."

I think we've become a society that is addicted to the ideal concept of what love is. Hollywood is to blame for that. They've painted their picture of what love is to be, but in real life, things don't necessarily end as they do on the silver screen. We're simply in love with love. Remember that you also have to take the bad with the good. Along with that girl or guy thats intelligent, funny, and has a nice smile, also comes things like disagreements, fights (hopefully not physical lol) and the occassional "THIS BITCH/NIGGA IS GETTIN ON MY
LAST GODDAMN NERVE!" I think that alotta people enter relationships with the pre-conceived notion that things are gonna be as they appear on TV. When they find out that love isn't what it's broadcasted to be, then they want out. (60% divorce rate in California anyone?)

Im not tryna downplay love and relationships in any kinda way. I think love is an extraordinary and euphoric high that everybody should experience at LEAST once in a lifetime. And yes, a relationship can make life more enjoyable at times. All i'm saying is that love should never define you and or hinder you due to an absence of it. Enjoy your time alone, as you work on the most important relationship in life, the one with yourself. Use this time to really find out what it is that you want and make yourself available to what it is you're wishing for. You should view yourself and the love that you can possibly give to someone as a gift. One day that person will find you and your love shall be your gift to that person. You choose to give that person that gift because you know in your heart that they truly deserve it. It'll be then, when you really learn to love and appreciate someone and it will make that person's presence (presents) that much greater.

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