Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Good Girl, Bad Guy Fallacy

LIES I TELL YA! ITS ALL LIES!!! LOL! So we've all heard it before...good girls love bad guys. But do they really? If you're a regular reader, then you know that my mind works a little differently from the average person. If you say grass is green, i'll tell you it's blue, and by the end of that discussion you'll think to yourself "damn...maybe that grass IS blue.." THATS HOW GOOD I AM! And yes, i love to toot my own horn...

Anyway, so about this good girl/bad guy deal...i don't think its true..nope..not one bit. And here's why...

The "good girls love bad guys" saying usually applies to the typical girl who maybe has a decent earning job, maybe she's done or is doing well in school, physically attractive and has her head on straight. The "bad guy" is one who usually isn't doing as well as she is in life, misteats her, and maybe messes with other females on the side. Right? Right. But wait! Who ever said the girl with the decent earning job with good grades and good looks is a good girl? Sure, she may not have that edgy i-dont-give-a-fuck attitude, but that does NOT make her good. Any girl who'm i would consider "good" is one that would NEVER allow herself to be mistreated or talked to in a shameful and disrespectful manner. A true good girl would never be simple enough to let a guy back into her life after being cheated on.

A good girl is one smart enough to choose a good guy to let love her. A good girl is also smart enough to LOVE one for WHO he is, rather than LIKING him for WHAT he is. It really is simple mathematics. When was the last time you saw a GOOD HAPPY couple comprised of a bad guy and a good girl? I would wait, but i dont have all nite...YOU NEVER SEE THAT! WHY? BECAUSE IT DOESNT EXIST! WHICH IS WHY THE GOOD GIRL/BAD GUY THEORY IS FALSE!!!

"Good" Girl + Bad Guy = Bad Relationship
Bad Girl + Bad Guy = Fucked Up Relationship
Good Girl + Good Guy = Great Relationship

Good girls DONT love bad guys. Let's get rid of that misconception rite now. STUPID girls with GOOD potential like bad guys...

Is that grass lookin blue yet or what? I knew it would ;)

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