Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The reason i'm lookin so hard for this album..

AHHHH!!!! So, for any of you following me on Twitter, you've seen that i've been looking oh so hard for this Busta Rhymes Anarchy album. And there's a reason why...

The summer of 2000 marked my transition from 5th to 6th grade. I signed up for this NASA space summer school program that was held at the local university (which was pretty interesting by the way). But anyway....during lunch time, we were specifically told over and over again not to go into any of the shops to buy stuff. I didn't care though...there was this dope ass record store on the university's campus, and since i didn't have any friends to hang out with at lunch, i used to always sneak in there and browse around at all the different cds. This was around the time the Busta Rhymes single "Get Out" came out, and i remember seeing the video and hearing the song for the first time. I swear to God...the beat to that song was the most amazing piece of music i had ever heard in my life at that moment. See...this was before the days of the internet and Limewire, so i couldn't just download and hear that song whenever i wanted. I either had to wait til the video came on, or buy the album when it came out. I remember the exact date it was released....June 20th, 2000. The next day at summer school, which was June 21st coincidentally, i once again, snuck in that record store to see if they had it, sure enough, it was right there. That price tag was STEEP, it had cost $18.99. PLUS TAX!

My mom was only giving me $3 dollars a day for lunch, so what else was i to do? I knew i had to save up $3 dollars a day for about 7 days....which meant i couldn't eat lunch for that long. And at summer school for some reason, i had always gotten EXTRA HUNGRY because of all the variety of food they had there...Subway, Pizza Hut, etc. But anyway...after those 7 days i finally managed to save up enough money to get that CD. All day, i had been sitting in class, humming that song i had heard and impatiently waiting for lunch time to come around so i could go buy it. When that time finally came, i halfway ran to that record store. After recklessly tearing away the plastic wrapping, i went and found a remote quiet area of the campus, sat down on a bench, and popped that joint rite into my walkman. And the rest is pretty much history....a classic album.

That whole experience is what made me instantly fall in love with that cd, and i've been searching endlessly to find it. When i do, i know it'll take me back to that exact bench i sat in on the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills when i first heard it. Those are the moments in life that i lust to resurrect...those good times..

This was one of my favorite songs on that album, produced by the late great J.Dilla.

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