Saturday, November 21, 2009

Never Change..

When i was about 15, i used to stare so closely at myself in the mirror to try to find that one tiny microscopic strand of facial hair...i figured that chin hair would officially declare me a MAN. I would tape a piece of white paper to my face so the tiny bit of brown hair would stand out. Well, i'm 20 years old now, and i couldn't get rid of all this facial hair if i wanted to. (Maybe for about a day or so lol) But it's crazy to know that i now literally look so deeply into my reflection to try to find this little guy you see in the picture above. Physically, we're constantly changing due to progression in age and time. But appearance is just external and time is just a bunch of numbers. The only thing that stayed the same thus far and will always be, are the things that are most important. The eyes. They serve as my windows to the outer world and are everyone else's windows into my soul. So whether i stand here as the newly wise 20 year old man, the troublesome 15 year old teen, or the curious 5 year old boy, i am, and will always be my soul. I'll never change..

RANDOM FACT: Did you know that your eyes are the same size from the time you're born 'til the time you die? Hmm..ain't that interesting..

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