Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mr. Solo Dolo..

Self-proclaimed loner...weirdo...and EXTREME observationalist, my time alone is always time well-spent. Alone is where i can let my mind roam anywhere, without the boundary of anybody else's judgement. I mean, i'm the only 20 year old guy i know who frequents the movies by himself, and actually enjoys it! When i tell most people that i do that, they look at me like they just saw a ghost, then they reply 'YOU'RE A WEIRDO DUDE..' i dont mind at all, i just simply smile and say back 'it's somethin i enjoy doing.' Im a firm believer that if you love to do something, then go out and do it. Regardless. Most people prohibit themselves from true happiness because they live a life that isn't their own...or they stop themselves from doing something because they don't wanna be looked at as 'weird'. To me, THEY'RE the ones that look like weirdos...whatever...

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