Friday, November 6, 2009

Album Review: Wale "Attention Deficit"

So i got my hands on a copy of Wale's debut album Attention Deficit a few days before its official retail release. I'm proud of myself because this is the first album i've waited to buy before downloading the leak in a while lol. Anyway, let's get to it...

The album opens up with the song "Triumph", and might i say, the song gives off that exact vibe. The triumphant sounding horns and drums of producer Dave Sitek is a nice way to introduce Wale. Lines like "I asked Mr.West for a little bit of help, realized us new niggas gotta get it ourself" provide an instant impact. The album continues with yet another big sounding track "Mama Told Me" produced by up-and-coming producer Best Kept Secret. The distinctive, hard-hitting drum pattern of BKS and Wale's witty wordplay make this song a winner. The hypnotic hook on "Pretty Girls" sung by Weensey of Backyard Band is sure to be stuck in your head after the first listen. The song also, surprisingly, features Gucci Mane, which will definitely give it radio spins and hit-appeal. The Pharrell-assisted "Let It Loose",however is shockingly one of the albums weak points, as it sounds as if the beat may be one of The Neptunes' throwaway tracks. "Beautiful Bliss" features a scene-stealing verse from Roc Nation signee J.Cole, while songs like "Shades" offer an introspective story of him growing up with dark skin in the midst of the light-skin/dark-skin struggle between us African Americans. He even sneaks in his signature D.C. go-go sound on the track "TV in the Radio" which sounds a bit unorthodox, but may grow on you after the third or fourth listen. The album ends with the jazzy, flute-occupied "Prescription", which gives Attention Deficit a nice finishing touch as he spits bars about him being the doctoral prescription to what hip-hop needs.

Attention Deficit definitely flows well from beginning to end, offering hip-hop a much needed fresh new sound.

Album Strengths:

- "Triumph"
- "World Tour" (feat. Jazmine Sullivan)
- "Prescription"
- "90210"

Album Weaknesses

- "Let It Loose" (feat. Pharrell)
- "Mirrors" (feat. Bun B)


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