Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Me

Globes, Mt. Rubidoux, Jones Soda (cream flavor), red Vans, these one pair of grey pants i have, blogs, comfortable seats, 7-11, old soul vinyl, GQ magazines, Urban Outfitters, BBM, Amy Winehouse's 'Frank' album, 1965 red Mustangs, headphones, vanilla scented Glade candles, conversations about Top 5's, anything striped, Huntington Beach, the color purple, snicker doodle cookies, songs with deep bass lines, the Lakers, horchata, MacBook Pros, TAKIS, Jay-Z concerts, Sedona brand socks from Target, chicks that speak Spanish, the smell of gasoline, Gushers, my Atlanta Braves hat, goonin up, dope photography, Oriental flavored Top Ramen, the bridge on the song 'Frontin' at the 2:14 mark (and once again at 3:10), 'American Psycho', seeing those lines on my carpet after i vacuum, GREEN APPLE NOW-AND-LATERS, Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' album, Jergens original scented lotion, my room's sound system, watching people skate at the skate park, hot chocolate, black Ray-Ban glasses, 24 Hour Fitness, sunsets at the beach, and original black and white chucks.

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