Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to The Gallery

It's funny...whenever people find out that i make music, the first thing they ask me is 'What's your rap name?' I always seem to laugh/cringe at that question. The strange part about what i do is that, even though i'm on my songs rapping, i don't consider myself a rapper....AT ALL. For a few reasons..i don't carry myself in that manner. If you know me, you'd know that i almost never mention the fact that i even make music at all. It's something that i do, not who i am. So why should i go by a separate moniker other than the name given to me at birth?

I always hate to talk about myself, but i guess i'm doing this because my music IS something that i love whole-heartedly so i guess i should take the time to explain myself as an artist. ARTIST. Root word: Art. That's the approach i take to my craft. And in art, there is no right or wrong way to create. With my last project 'This Beautiful Mind', it literally took me three years to create. Not as far as writing the material, but as far as CREATION. That project is a document of everything my life has consisted of in the past three years of my life. Every song has it's own feel as i constructed the songs to serve as different emotions. If i could have things my way, i'd wish for everyone to listen to it in a very dark room with headphones on lol. If you want to hear the type of music blasts out your speakers and makes you nod your head real hard, then my music may not be the music for you. And that's totally ok. I've been creating for about four years now and i wanted to challenge myself and push the envelope as far as the things that are expected of me.

I feel like it's way too easy and typical to just rhyme over beats and put a clever scheme of words together. The competitive side of me wants to do that at times because i don't think there are many people around here that can hang with me lyrically. (And yes, that's the cocky side of me talking lol). But EVERYBODY is doing that! Remember that MUSIC IS ART. Originality means everything to me. Everybody can rhyme, but how many people can paint pictures so vivid that you can close your eyes and SEE the things you hear? I believe my abilities as a producer allow me to paint those same pictures without any words at all. Actually, i enjoy producing more than rhyming. I feel as though raw instrumentals at times tell more of a story. Sometimes the best way to say something is to say nothing at all..

So i guess that explains it....if you decide to listen to my music, listen to the project in its's the way i intended it to be heard. Approach it not as a listener of music, but as one who appreciates art. Those are the people i try to reach..

Listen to 'This Beautiful Mind' HERE

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  1. definitely feeling this mixtape.
    i actually downloaded this awhile back,
    just never left my appreciation for this.
    i can actually nod my head to this.
    crazy to say, i find my self listening to this when i feel like i need some inspiration.
    thanks for sharing this with us=]

    p.s. thanks for thee Crooks mixtape post.
    Good ass music