Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Round Midnight

Many people who Create, myself included, are generally more likely to feel more inclined after hours. I believe there is a science to this see, creativity and logic are on the two opposite ends of the spectrum. Our brains function differently during different parts of the day. During the daytime, as the sun rises, the more logical parts of our brain kick in to help us cope with what we must face during daytime hours. Remember that we live by the Universe's associative laws. The part that kinda sucks is that in life, we are often bound by the principles of hinders us in a way. However, as the sun begins to set, a different part of our mind begins to kick in. That logical area of the mind begins to fade as our brain is getting our bodies prepared for the next phase, the dream state. This is why many artists create at nite...many artists will tell you that their best pieces of work have been created after hours. During these hours, our thinking process is shifted. Thoughts that have been repressed by our logic begin to surface. Here's an example you may be able to identify with. Have you ever been on the phone late at nite or early in the morning talkin to that guy or girl in your life and you find yourself saying/thinking extra simpish shit you wouldn't ordinarily say mid-day? Then the next day, during regular daylight hours, you think to yourself 'What the fuck was i saying/thinking last nite? And you snap out of it. This is no coincidence. It's because a different area of our brains are in control during that portion of the day. When your mind is 100% on the opposite end of logic, it is what is known as...a dream. A realm where logic does not reside. So if ever you feel extra creative during the nite, just know that it's because your mind is a bit closer to entering the dream state. Amazing the things and ideas that can emerge 'round midnight..

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