Saturday, May 29, 2010

One Love

I think everybody knows that Hip Hop is coming back to the West. It's inevitable. Due to the laws of physics, it HAS to come back West lol. Here on the Left Coast, there's WAY too much talent for us not to make our mark in history this time around, sorta like the way Dre did it back in the 90's..

With any movement, there has to be Unity. Think about it...when Dre brought the West Coast to prominence in the early 90's, he had a whole movement behind him. His first album, The Chronic, introduced the world to Snoop, Daz, Karupt, Lady of Rage and Nate Dogg. I say that to say this....people aren't gonna notice a region by one popular artist creating good music, there has to be Unity.

I know so many talented musicians out here...and i think it's a shame that we don't all know each other. There's a broad range of different styles and sounds out here in the West, i think we are the most diverse sounding region in Hip-Hop. That said, we have the ability to leave an unimaginable sized impact, not just on Hip-Hop, but in music period. Nobody is ever gonna come up to us and hand us an opportunity to a larger platform, we have to do it ourselves...AND IT WOULD BE SO EASY IF PEOPLE WOULD BE WILLING TO DROP THEIR EGOS. Think about hard would it be to form a team of some of the dopest talent in SoCal? I know many of them personally. It would be a win-win situation! Benefitting us individually by giving us the opportunity to extend our network with different emcees/producers, which would better us as artists. AND it's better for us as a whole because it would put the spotlight on our area and we'd gain each others' supporters.

The fact of the matter is, as artists, we don't wanna support each other because each one of us is trying to climb the ladder individually. We compete with each other instead of competing together. All it would take is one day, one gathering where all the dopest artists from this area meet up and really get to chop it up with one contact, Twitter info or could be at a park with a DJ and everything, a few the long haul, we'd even be able to put out a project together...that shit would be CLASSIC. This has never been done before, and i'm about positive that it would bring about success.

Let's stop bullshittin and put this shit together. Some time this summer, this should go down. It could be like the Hip-Hop version of Nick Fury's S.H.I.E.L.D. only there would be no hiearchy. I stand here today and send out this declaration to every indie artist in the Southern California region. There's no way i'd be able to put this together alone, but if this idea can catch on, we'd have an unstoppable family of dopeness. Just give it some thought and think about the possibility..

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