Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thank You!

One thing i forgot to include with this project of mine is the Thank You index! So here it goes..

Before all, i'd like to thank my Creator...really goes without saying. My brother Tony for being the super hero you've been to me for 21 years of my life. My father, even though we don't speak much, whenever we do speak you always ask 'So you got any new music?' Your support means everything to me....My brother Xavier for being there for the entirety of my music journey. Remember when we used to be at my house and i would rhyme one of my new verses and we'd get to school and you'd say in fronta everybody 'Ay spit that shit you spit to me yesterday. That ONE shit!' And when i would finish, you'd tell me to spit it again! lol. My brother Joe for being the person responsible for me even creating music...i don't give a damn what you say, The Union will return! My brother Jack for being the single person constantly on my head about putting an entire project together. My brother Kelley for making me realize the talent that i had when at times, i'd be doubtful of myself...Steven, good lookin on the artwork! Shit is classic! Monique, thanks for ALL your support! I can honestly say you've probably been behind my music more than anyone...thats love. Dauche, thank you for being one of the first people to blog my music...the ill part about it is that you'd never tell me you blogged it, i'd look up and it's just there! Marco for being one of the first people to let it be known for people not to sleep on me. Thanks to the whole RiseA07 fam in its entirety. Let's do business some time soon! Funny story real quick, i was at the DMV the other day and somebody's ticket number was A070 and when the system called the number, the lady in fronta me rose up. Get it? Rise A07! DOPE! I believe that to be some sorta sign...Gotta thank the villain Stevie Crooks for bein the lyrical bully around this bitch! You already know where you're headed...Everybody that has ever complimented me on my music, i sincerely thank you! That shit is NEVER under appreciated. Marz Lovejoy waddup?! Can't wait for people to hear what we got my dear friend Ashanti, thank you for being the only person featured on This Beautiful Mind. If you ever decide to start the band that you dream of, you already know i'm down for the cause! Strheatz, Nine30 and the whole FBC! To my sister Raquel, thank you for being one of the only people i feel comfortable talking to about ANYTHING. Ummm, who else? Can't really think right now lol. If i forgot to acknowledge you, it's not because my mind and heart has forgotten you, it's because it's 8 am and my brain isn't all the way functional yet LMAO.

Oh, one last one....the little man that's graced the cover of this project. My little dude, my nephew Tyler. I love you more than anything in this world. My music is dedicated to you. This is my first project, my own 'Illmatic'. Thank you for saving my life..

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  1. No, Thank You !
    Thank You for your words, your thoughts, your stories, tracks one through 20 (intro and outro included), 'This Beautiful Mind' in its entirety, Hip Hop, & Thank you for thanking me and my family, it means a lot.