Monday, March 29, 2010

Me, 'This Beautiful Mind'

I designed this project to tell the story of my life...i just didn't wanna make it so direct. All the good responses i've gotten leads me to explain the significance of the songs, as they all sorta serve as scenes of the movie in my mind...

The whole project deals with the woes of my love life...the good, the bad, the playful...ALL of it. So i'll break down some of the songs as they pertain to the project's underlying story..

2. Casual
Deals with the infatuation of a young woman, but a premature decision leads to my downfall. This song marks the beginning of what later becomes a depression..

5. Tisha
On here, i'm caught in between a current failing relationship and running off to start a new one with a chick named Tisha whom i've only known for a week. Confusion lies in the fact that a new broom always sweeps clean and i don't know if this new woman is 'worth the trade.'

6. A-Z
This song serves to show the humorous and playful side of things, however, vital to the next part of the story which is 'LaVerne'.

7. LaVerne
The previous song A-Z's playful notion was only the mask to what is now a very deep depression. I personally believe that when a man sleeps around with a multitude of women, it's because he's been hurt in the past and he's running from it. Just as alcohol is an alcoholic's way of escaping. This is the first time in the story where the depression is clearly visible and my vulnerability is exposed.

8. Of Mice and Men
The tale of how weed became my escape from my problems, all the while taking over me.

9. Deep Down Under
Although this song is only an instrumental, it's also vital to the story. The guitar rift beat is representative of my once sadness now developing into what is bitterness and anger. Just imagine if bitterness was an emotion that had a sound...this would be it.

10. Sold
After going from girl to girl, i can't seem to find what i'm looking for. Therefore i begin to sell myself short for the purpose of not wanting to be alone.

11. Thousand Miles Away..
If Love had a sound, it would sound like this song. This marked the point in my life where i finally met someone worthwhile, but felt as if it couldn't have worked because i felt she was literally a 'Thousand Miles Away..' In here, if you listen close, i harmonize in the background saying 'When she's callin i'll be comin, makes me wanna get away, girl you know i need your lovin but your love is a thousand miles away..'

13. On Fire
On this track, that anger returns with the guitar melody once again. A woman sings 'Every time he comes around i feel like i'm on fire, when he looks into my eyes and sees down to my soul..' This represents a woman i've met who totally submits herself emotionally to me, leaving room for her to be taken advantage of...leading to the next song 'Insecure'.

14. Insecure
This is where the woman is taken advantage the tables have turned from the beginning. Now it is the WOMAN who is at her mother's house asking for guidance, rather than the opposite, shown on the track 'Tisha'.

15. twttrcrsh
The story takes an unusual turn i become a user of Twitter, i meet a young woman there and for the first time in the story, things begin to look up for me..

17. Her Masquerade
This is the continuation of twttrcrsh as it seems i begin on an incline...the girl whom i had a thing for, i finally physically meet in person..

18. Very Very Clear
My conscience becomes very clear here, as i am reminded of the past. The song's dark tone is meant to take you back to a dark place in my mind that i've tried to repress. Thoughts about the women that i've previously Loved begin to surface.

19. Three's Company
The story of the three women that have played a significant role in where my mind is...the women that i've loved. I come to grips with the truth about those women and decide to actually speak about them openly and truthfully.

20. Outro
This is the happy ending of the story so to speak. I wanted to record vocals to it, but i feel as though that happy ending has not yet completely surfaced. It's beautiful though...the mystery of not knowing. The mystery of me walking out of my house at this very second and potentially meeting 'that woman.' The tone of this song is pure beauty, and the absence of words represents that mystery. There is no story to tell because i have yet to live the future. Life is looking up due to the fact that i've confronted my past, accepted it, and can now move on..

This Beautiful Mind...