Monday, March 1, 2010

The Afterlife

If we're lucky, we'll live for about 80 years...and that's considered a petty long life. Have you ever really thought about death and the afterlife? If the afterlife is eternal, then the reflection of life on Earth must only seem like a split second. I mean, 80 years vs. an ETERNITY. Go figure...But what exactly do you think the afterlife is? Me personally, i have my own personal belief. When we lie down at night and we sleep, we enter another state of consciousness....the dream state. When our bodies are sleep, we are in a state of temporary death in a way. Ofcourse our souls are still existent, and that is what i believe travels to the dream our dreams we can do anything! We can be in one place and then all of a sudden, we're in a totally different space. In an instant. If thats the state of consciousness we're in during a slumber, it only makes sense that we return to that 'dream' state indefinitely upon our death...since death is the eternal resting of the physical body...i don't know...its 1am and im just up thinkin..

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